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Upon creation of a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust (a legal arrangement through which a trustee holds legal title to property for another person), you will need to appoint an individual or trust company to serve as its trustee (person or entity in charge). With a Revocable Trust, that individual is typically the creator of the Trust. With an Irrevocable Trust, this can be either an individual or individual (but not the creator). Regardless of the type of Trust created, it is important to appoint an individual or institution to serve if the named individual or institution is unable to continuing serving for the Trust. Selection of the right trustee can be crucial to making sure the intent of the Trust is fulfilled and your goals accomplished. Their responsibilities include making proper investments, paying bills, keeping accounts, and preparing tax returns. The main consideration when selecting a trustee is whether they are trustworthy and can manage the assets in the beneficiary's best interest. Regardless of whom may be selected, it is important to revaluate the selection every few years to ensure they are the right individual or entity for the job and still capable of fulfilling their obligations to the beneficiaries. The right individual or institution today may not be right tomorrow.