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As our circumstances change with life events these changes should be reflected in your estate planning documents (your plan should be reviewed periodically anyway). The following list is meant to give you an idea of when changes should be made to your estate planning documents: Your marriage, divorce or remarriage. The birth or adoption of a child, grandchild or great-grandchild. The death of a spouse or another family member. The illness or disability of you, your spouse or another family member. When a child or grandchild reaches the age of majority. When a child or grandchild has education funding needs, The death of the person named: as guardian for minor children, personal representative or successor trustee of your trust. Sizable changes in the value of assets you own. Sale or purchase of a principal residence or second home. Receipt of a large gift or inheritance. Sale of a business interest. Special Needs child or family member. Changes in federal or state income tax or estate tax laws. Don't put these changes off to the future because you may not have the ability to change them later.