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It is no surprise that foreign residents do not have the same estate or gift tax exemptions as a U.S. resident.  In 2015, a U.S. resident may gift, during his or her lifetime, or bequeath upon death as much as $5.43 million. In contrast, a foreign national has an estate tax exemption of only $60,000. As a result, a foreign national who owns a $2 million house in the U.S. can expect their heirs to pay some $740,000 in estate taxes upon their death. 

On the gift tax front, foreign nationals should take advantage of their annual gift tax exemptions of $14,000. However, unlike U.S. residents, they are limited to $147,000 in gifts to their spouses before triggering estate and gift taxes. To avoid these tax issues, many counsel their clients to establish off-shore entities to own the U.S. assets.

It is important to note that Canadian citizens benefit from a treaty with the U.S. that allows them the same exemptions as U.S. citizens.