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Statistics show that two in every five marriages is a remarriage and the number of individuals who have been married more than once has nearly doubled. The end result is more step-parents, half-siblings, and step-nieces than ever before.  
While many of these families get along while both parents are alive, fierce fighting can occur when one parent dies with a sizeableestate. The battles occur over what assets each parent and their children claim they accumulated prior to and during the marriage. The best way to solve many of these issues is with a pre-marital agreement.  However, in the absence of one, to avoid these battles, the classic advice is for families to talk it out before a spouse’s death. If everyone knows how much money is at stake and how it will be divided at death, they will be less likely to be surprised or offended when the estate plan is implemented.  Unfortunately, nothing can stop or dissuade a greedy child from challenging or interfering with the implementation of an estate plan.