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As the Baby Boomers reach retirement and older generations continue to live longer, more counties across America are turning gray (their hair). A new analysis finds that 97% of counties saw an increase in their 65-and-older population since 2010. On average, a U.S. county’s 65-and-older population grew by 12.4% from 2010 to 2014. Some counties are “aging” much more rapidly than others.  

The State of Florida, the destination for most snowbirds and retirees, is one of the nation’s grayest states. Overall, 19.1% of the Sunshine State’s population is 65 and older (the highest percentage in the nation). Sumter County (west of Orlando) is the only U.S. county where more than half (52.9%) of residents are 65 and older. Sumter County also has the highest median age in America at 65.9. Not far behind, with 37.7% of its residents age 65 and older is Charlotte County, Fla. and then Citrus County with 35.2%. In Florida, 53 of 67 counties have an above-average share of people 65 and older when compared with the percentage of Americans in that demographic.